Isle of Man Revenue Stamps

Part 19   Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd



A1900.    Queen Victoria 6d value.  5.00

A1901.    Queen Victoria 1/= value.  5.00

A1902.    Edward VII:  the 1/- value overprinted '1/-' on piece with REGISTRY OF DEEDS cancel 13.8.1920. The stamp is intact and complete but there is a (virtually invisible) diagonal crease across this piece.  Colour bistre-green.  2.50

A1903.    Edward VII:  the 1/- value overprinted '1/-', colour green.  2.50

A1904.    George V: the six values 1/- to #1.00 fine used.   16.00


A1905.    George V: 2d value mint.  2.50

A1906.    George V: 6d value mint.  Damage at top right - spacefiller.  0.25


A1907.    George VI: 5/- value on piece.  5.00

A1908.    George VI: 10/- value fine used.  Colour bistre.  7.50

A1909.    George VI: 10/- value mint.  Colour green.   7.50


A1910.    QUEEN ELIZABETH  II:  6d value mint.  0.50  

A1911.   1966 Pictorials:  6d value mint.  0.50

A1912.   1966 Pictorials: 5 value mint.  7.50

A1913.   1966 Pictorials:  Presentation Pack with full set  6d-5 (not the later 2) signed by Lt-Governor and by John H Nicholson (who designed the stamps).

The stamps are marginal copies but partially stuck down and the Pack is grubby due to poor storage.  Only 250 were produced (this is no. 200).  5.50

  A1914.    Decimal Pictorials 1974: the four values 5p, 10p, 25p & 50p (not overprinted) unmounted mint.  2.50

A1915.  1975: Pictorials o/p REVENUE:  the four values 5p, 10p, 25p & 50p, mint.  2.50

A1916.  1975: Pictorials o/p REVENUE: 1 value unmounted mint.  This stamp has two short perfs (see scan).  0.25

A1912.  1976 Coinage Set: the 7 values unmounted mint.  10.00

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