Isle of Man Ships on Postcard & Shipping Generally 

Part 7  Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

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A700.    'Souvenir Poster Stamps' folder issued by IoM Steam Packet Co in 1954, with sheet of ten stamps of the Company's vessels.  12.00

A701.  'The Sound near Port Erin' -  photo PC by Swales, shows Clan McMaster aground. (crease at lower left).   12.00

A705.  SS St Elvies: real photo PC of this paddle steamer, with impress of T S Keig.  5.00

A706.  SS Manxman leaving Heysham:  colour PC by Lawson postally used 1908. 2.50

A707.  'Isle of Man Steamer Duchess of Devonshire'  Vannin Veg Veen colour  PC.  2.50

A708.  Paddle Steamer 'Prince of Wales' on colour PC by Hough, Douglas, postally used Douglas 1911.  2.50

A726.  SS Menevia on PC.  2.50

A709.  'King Orry' on PC c1925 by 'B&R Ltd Liverpool'.  2.50

A710.  SS Duchess of Buccleugh on PC c1910.  3.00


A711.  St Seiriol - operated Llandudno-IoM - 1950s PC.  2.00

A712.  MV Channel Entente, PC of the vessel in Douglas Harbour 1990, Mannin PC TR6/1990.  1.50

A714-715    PC-size Photographs of Manx Vessels


A714.  SS Menvia, photo by Keig. 1.50

A715.  SS St Andrew, photo by Keig.  1.50 

A727.  IoM Regional stamp on cover 'POSTED AT SEA, canc. Dublin PAQUEBOT cds 1970.  3.50   

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