Isle of Man Strike Mail

Part 9   Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd


Post Manninagh

A900.  (1/6d)  Red, no stated value.  The first Post Manninagh stamp, scarce, Whitney 1.   10.00

A901.  (1/6d) se tenant pair, one is type one (foot points forward) the other is type two (foot points down). Whitney 3.  5.00  

Europa Mail Delivery

A902.  4/- value, corner marginal copy, imperf.  Whitney 1.  2.50

A903.  20p value, corner marginal copy, imperf.  Whitney 2.  2.50

A904.  4/- & 20p values, se tenant pair, imperf.  Whitney 1&2.  5.00

Irish Postal Strike 1979

A905.  1.00 value  Whitney 1.  2.50

A906.  1.00 value  Whitney 1 on cover 2.6.1979. Backstamped by B.I.A. (British Island Airways).  7.50

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