Isle of Man TT Races - Postcards etc

Part 21  Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd


  A2100.  11 Different Postcards:  All in the Welldon TT Race series.  4.50

  A2101.    Photograph size 8"x6" of J H Simpson 'in the air' as he goes over Ballig Bridge in the 1925 TT Races. 15.00

  A2102.    Photograph size 8"x6" of F A Longman after gaining second place in the Senior 1925 TT Race. 15.00

A2103.  Photo Postcard by Keig of J N White, 2nd in Junior TT 1936, receiving congratulations on his success.  25.00

A2104.  Photo Postcard by Qulalyfoto - montage of views of no fewer than 15 locations around the TT Course, plus Geoff Duke in action. Postally used Douglas 1963.  4.00

A2105.  Special TT Races cancels for TT Races 1975, 1976 (2 difft), 1977, 1980 & 1981.  Six covers. 3.00

A2106.  Similar lot of TT cancels, for 1976 (both), 1877 & 1981.  2.00

A2107.  Six Days Trial  20.9.65 special cancel on cover.  3.00

A2108.  1977  'Maxi-Card' set of four PCs reproducing the 1977 TT stamp designs, each  used with the appropriate stamp appropriately cancelled.  2.00

A2109.  1982  TT Races set of five stamps on FDC.   2.50

A2110.  1998  TT Races set of five stamps on FDC.  2.50

A2111.  2007  Poster size approx 11" x 15" produced in Centenary Year 2007 with full-size copies of 60 TT stamps [too big to fully reproduce above]2.50

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