Isle of Man Postal History [pre 1900]

Part 1 of Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

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A100.     ISLE OF MAN mark  Whitney 2 on 'free front' with date 11.6.1796. Addressed to Anthony Todd at GPO London.  Scarce mark.  ?350.00

A101.     ISLE OF MAN straight-line mark Wh12 on front addressed to Francis Freeling, GPO, London, 24.12.1827.  ?150.00

A102.    CASTLETOWN-ISLE-OF-MAN undated mark Whitney 407 in black on entire letter (lacks part of flap), the 1d red cancelled *** numeral 407.  ?75.00

A103.    RAMSEY/IM  cds code A 11.10.1851 on part entire letter.  ?20.00

A104.    CASTLETOWN cds Whitney 408 code A  13.7.1853 in green on local entire letter with also DOUGLAS-ISLE-OF-MAN cds Whitney 30 code A same date in green.  ?95.00

A105.    PORT ST MARY single-circle cds Whitney 485 code C 13.4.1892 on reverse of cover sent by DIRECT BAG MAIL, the adhesive being cancelled LIVERPOOL.466 cds 14.4.1892. Addressed to Penistone and with SHEFFIELD cds 14.4.1892. ?45.00

A106.    RAMSEY '036' Duplex on Post Card (postal stationery) code J 7.8.1896. Nice strike.  ?25.00

A107.    CASTLETOWN-ISLE-OF-MAN undated circular mark Whitney 407, 75% strike on opened-out cover with transit mark ISLE OF MAN  Whitney 25 and YORK arrival 24.8.1843, the 1d red cancelled by (Douglas) Maltese Cross.  ?75.00

A108.    RAMSEY cds  Whitney 349 3.3.1876 on local cover to Kirk Andreas, the 1d red cancelled by DOUGLAS 407 Duplex Whitney 40  same date.   ?15.00       

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