Isle of Man Slogans, Machines and Metermarks

Part 10 Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

A1000.  EDWARD VIII metermark on cover 12.5.49, machine N2, Paid 1d. Scarce die.  ?15.00


A1001.  GEORGE VI  metermark on entire letter  7.11.49, machine M1, Paid 1d.  ?2.00

A1002.  KRAG MACHINE of  Douglas: example on PC for 19.12.1910.  Scarce example of first year & month of use (this machine commenced on 9.12.1910). ?50.00

A1004.    Douglas Krag for war year 1916 on cover 5.12.16.  ?1.50

A1005.    RAMSEY KRAG m/c on PC 27.7.54.  ?1.50

A1006.    CASTLETOWN KRAG m/c on PC 10.8.61.  ?1.50

A1007.    Hey-Dolphin m/c of Douglas: impressions for each year 1927-33 with year die: 7 PCs.  ?5.00


A1008.  Collection of 27 slogans 1989/91 on covers: various Offices and slogans.  3.00

A1009-20 DOUGLAS Slogans

A1009.  VICTORY 'V' (for Victory over Japan) on cover 15.8.1945. Scarce - and first day of use.  ?25.00

A1009A.  VICTORY 'V' on PC 28.8.45.  ?10.00

A1010.  LONG LIVE THE QUEEN on cover 30.6.53. Nice strike on Coronation 2?d.  ?5.00

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A1011.  EXPORT & PROSPER on PC  20.7.61.  ?3.50

A1012.    LIFEBOAT CONFERENCE  superb strike of a scarce slogan on cover 31.5.63.  ?15.00

A1013.    MGP RACES  on PC 8.6.64 - this was first day of the 2?d Regional used.  ?5.00

A1014.    ELECTED HOUSE OF KEYS - superb strike on cover 5.7.66.  ?5.00

A1015.    FESTIVAL OF FUN  17.8.66 on cover, with publicity label.  ?5.00

A1016.    IOM NEW STAMPS -   superb strike on cover 13.8.68.  ?3.50

A1017.  FIRST DAY OF ISSUE used on 3?p MGP issue 4.9.73. Not often seen.  ?3.50

A1018.    CONGRATULATIONS TO PRINCE & PRINCESS OF WALES on special cover 21.6.82.

A1021-25  RAMSEY Slogans

A1021.  FESTIVAL OF FUN on cover Ramsey 1.8.66. Scarce, superb.  ?5.00

A1022.    TT RACES  on cover Ramsey 1.4.68.  ?3.50

A1023.  IOM RAILWAY CENTENARY 1973 on cover Ramsey 19.6.73.  ?2.50

A1024.  SPORT & RECREATION on cover Ramsey 27.4.84.  ?2.50

A1025.  IOM BANK ANNIVERSARY on cover Ramsey 24.10.90.  ?2.00

A1026 PORT ERIN  Slogan

A1026.  FESTIVAL OF FUN  on cover 28.7.66.  Scarce.  ?7.50

A1027  UK Slogan

A1027.  IOM MILLENNIUM COINS MINTED AT SUTTON on cover Sutton 17.4.79.  ?2.50

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