Isle of Man Special Handstamps

Part 11 Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

A1100.  ROTARY CONFERENCE  28.4.1960 - two strikes on cover.  Scarce.  60.00

A1101.  CENTENARY OF ELECTED HOUSE OF KEYS  5.7.1966 on special official cover.  5.00

A1102.  IOM RAILWAY CENTENARY 1.7.1973 on official cover.  2.50

A1103.  LAST DAY OF BRITISH POSTAL SERVICES 4.7.1973 on full set of four IoM Regional stamps. 2.50

A1104.  LIFEBOAT OSMAN GABRIEL NAMING 4.8.1973 on cover. 2.50 

A1105.  IOM RAILWAY SOUTHERN LINE CENTENARY 1.8.1974 on special cover with IoM Railway Co cachets for the stations on the line.  3.00

A1106.  TT RACES 1975 special cancel on cover 2.6.1975. 2.00

A1107.  TT RACES 1977 special cancel on cover 15.6.1977. 2.00

A1108.  TT RACES 1980 special cancel on cover 31.5.1980. 2.00

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