Isle of Man Instructional & Charge Markings

Part 12 Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

A1200.  LIABLE TO LETTER RATE boxed mark on underpaid 'Bas Relief' photo PC, with also 1d/407 charge mark. The stamp cancelled DOUGLAS  25.8.04 and the PC with LEEDS arrival cds same date.  ?20.00

A1201.  1D TO PAY /LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/407 boxed mark (Whitney 155) on underpaid 'runout' PC, the stamp cancelled DOUGLAS 3.7.13.  ?10.00

A1202.  2D/172 charge mark of Castletown on piece with CASTLETOWN cds 21.5.49.  Very scarce.  ?10.00

A1203.  1D/TO PAY/407 charge mark of Douglas on PC, the stamp cancelled DOUGLAS 15.7.52 and the PC with 1d postage due label. ?7.50

A1203A.  2 x ?p To Pay issues of 1973 (the scarce '1973' version) used on underpaid local cover 4.8.73. Not only are there stamps scarce, but this cover was used on the last day on which GB issues were valid in IoM. ?5.00  

A1203B.  The 1p & 2p To Pay stamps of 1973 (the scarce '1973' version) used on underpaid local cover 4.8.73. Again this was the last day of valiadity of the GB stamp used.  ?5.00

 A1204.  STAMPS INVALID/TO PAY square boxed mark (Whitney 177) on PC with GB stamp, DOUGLAS cds 5.8.75.  ?2.00

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A1205.  NOT CALLED FOR/407 boxed mark (Whitney 133) on cover, the stamp cancelled CROSBY cds 12.1.78 & the cover backstamped DOUGLAS cds 13.1.78. This mark is known from 1884, so this example shows usage for nearly a century.  ?8.00

A1207.  Two specimen strikes of boxed STAMPS INVALID mark of Port Erin on piece, with PORT ERIN cds 30.4.75.  ?2.00

A1208.  Specimen strike of charge box of Castletown on piece with CASTLETOWN cds 30.4.75.  ?2.00

A1209.  Charge box of Ramsey on cover, RAMSEY cds 17.7.74, with 1p Postage due value (1973A) cancelled RAMSEY soft packet cds same date.  ?3.00

A1210.  STAMPS INVALID/TO PAY oblong mark of Baldrine, the stamp cancelled BALDRINE cds 2.7.80 and the cover with 3 x 1p Postage Dues (1975) DOUGLAS cds 3.7.80.  ?3.50

A1211.  STAMPS INVALID/TO PAY oblong mark of Douglas on cover 5.5.81, with 1p Postage Due value DOUGLAS cds 6.5.81.  ?2.50

A1212.  POSTAL DISPUTE boxed mark as shown, applied to inwards cover ex Eire 1981 addressed to Tourist Board Douglas.  ?10.00

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