Isle of Man First Day Covers

Part16 Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

All covers are special covers and cancelled Douglas unless otherwise stated.

A1600.    1.7.68:  5d, 7d, 8d, 10d Definitives,  First Day of Issue cds.  Scarce.  ?3.50

A1601.    1.7.69:  Prince of Wales set of five on *** cover. ?2.00

A1602-06  Isle of Man Regional Issues

A1602.    18.8.58:  3d Lilac, the first IoM Regional issue, on plain cover.  ?4.00

A1603.   7.2.66:  4d Blue, 'First Day of Issue' slogan.  ?3.50

A1604.   4.9.68:  4d & 5d, 'small letters' cds.  ?3.50

A1605.   7.2.66:  4d Red, cds cancellation.  ?2.50

A1606.   7.7.71:  Decimal Regional set of four.  ?2.50

A1607.  5.7.73:  '1973' Postage Due set of eight:  scarce on FDC.  ?20.00

A1608.  5.7.73:  1973 Definitives on four FDC plu a further three FDC with later additional values. ?3.00

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A1609.  1973-75:  Bargain lot of eight FDC with all commem issues 5.7.73-28.5.75; provides excellent 'starter' lot: issues are Inauguration, Railway, RNLI,  TT Races 74, Historical, Churchill, Pioneers, TT Races 75.  ?2.50

A1610.  1975-77: Another bargain lot to cover commems 9.9.75-19.10.77: Goldie, Bible, American Bicentennial, Horsetrams, Europa 76, Xmas 76, S Jubilee, TT Races 77, Europa 77, Wesley.  ?3.50

A1611.  Miniature sheet FDCs: Churchill 1974 & Bicentennial 1976.  ?1.00

A1612.  RAMSEY First Day Covers: far fewer FDCs were serviced at Ramsey, these covers would add interest to a collection: 1977-78:  S Jubilee,  TT Races 77, Europa 77, Coronation, Europa 78, Ward, N A Manx, Commonwealth Games, Xmas 78.  ?3.00

A1613.  RAMSEY 1979 First Day Covers: Natural History, Europa, Millennium, Royal Visit, Odins Raven, Quilliam, Xmas.  ?3.50

A1614.  RAMSEY First Day Covers: Geographical 79, Steam Packet, Europa 80, King Williams College 1983. ?3.00

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