Isle of Man Postal History [post 1900]

Part 2 of Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd


A200.   BALLABEG cds  (twice)18.10.78 on cover. 3.00

A202.   BALLASALLA/DOUGLAS  cds code A 12.6.30 on pleasing PC of boating on Silverdale lake.  15.00

A203.   BALLASALLA cds on cover 17.2.70.  

A205.   CASTLETOWN S.O. cds  on PC 6.9.09.  3.50

A205A.    CASTLETOWN cds Whitney 421 on PC 8.8.1925.  3.00

A206A.    CASTLETOWN cds  Whitney 422 on attractive advertising cover 9.5.1932.  3.50


A206B.    DOUGLAS M.O.O.  cds, strikes for 8.2.30 & 1.5.30 on piece.  Scarce cds.  3.00

A207.   LAXEY/DOUGLAS cds  2.8.27 on PC.  4.50

A208.   PEEL 'D51' Duplex  code A  27.8.10 on PC.  5.00

A208A.    PEEL cds  Christmas Day usage on local cover 25.12.26.  8.00

A209.   PORT ERIN: Cover used on 22.1.76 with strikes of all five cds then in use. 3.50

A211.   PORT SODERICK  cds code A 30.6.79 on piece.2.00

A212.    RAMSEY 036 Duplex code R  13.7.1904 on PC to Lancashire.  5.00

A214.    RAMSEY cds, Christmas Day usage 25.12.17 in WWI to Manxman on HMS Termagant.  8.00

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