Isle of Man: Printed Items 

Part 20 Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

A2000.   SG 'COLLECT CHANNEL ISLANDS AND ISLE OF MAN STAMPS 2006 Edition: full listing of all issues to end 2005, in colour. Pristine.  5.00

A2001.   'FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS SOUVENIR OF MANXLAND'  profusely illustrated, published by Boots Cash Chemists, 22 Duke Street Douglas. c1908.  10.00

A2003.   TYNWALD CEREMONY 1979 Programme featuring colour portrait of  Queen Elizabeth II who visited that year - nice tie-in for write-up of the Royal Visit stamps.  7.50

A2004.   PROGRAMME FOR ROYAL VISIT of Queen Elizabeth II  8 August 1989, with fine cover showing HMY Britannia.  15.00  

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