Isle of Man Railways and Road Services

Part 5 Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd


A501. Tickets of MANX NORTHERN RAILWAY (absorbed into IoM Railway in 1905) - ten different tickets, displayed on glassine sheet.  ?5.00




A502.  CENTENARY OF FIRST MAIL BY MANX NORTHERN LINE: Special handstamp 8.8.1981 on airletter.  ?1.50

A503.    IOM RAILWAY SOUTHERN LINE CENTENARY: Special handstamp 1.8.1974 on cover which has IoM Railway Co strikes of stations on the line.  ?2.00

A504.  IOM RAILWAY CENTENARY:  Special handstamp on Official cover 1.7.73.  ?2.50

A504A.    IOM RAILWAY CENTENARY:  Special handstamp on Official cover 1.7.73 with Regional set of four stamps. This cover cacheted as carried on Centenary Special train that day.  ?4.00

A505.    'ISLE OF MAN STEAM RAILWAY'  Official Guide 1991: 36pp packed with interesting historic photographs and information.  ?3.00

A507.    'Miniature Railway Groudle Glen'  Valentine PC 21794 postally used Douglas 1905. Message: 'The seats in the little carriages only hold two. It is only like a toy train.'  ?10.00

IOM RAILWAY CO 'Carted Luggage' labels

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  A510A     A510B     A510C

A510A.    Douglas Station for LIVERPOOL STEAMER 8d.  ?3.00

A510B.    Port St Mary for LIVERPOOL STEAMER  3d.  ?3.00

A510C.    Peel for ARDROSSAN STEAMER  3d.  ?3.00

  A510D      A510E

A510D.    Ballasalla for HEYSHAM STEAMER  3d.  ?3.00

A510E.    Ramsey for FLEETWOOD STEAMER  8d.  ?3.00

Road Services

A513.  IOM Road Services Tickets: 2d, 4d, 6?d, 7d tickets by Bell Punch Co Ltd.  ?1.50

A513B.    Douglas Corporation Transport: nine various tickets.  ?3.00

A514.  IOM Road Services Ticket: Bell Punch type, manually completed.  ?1.00  

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