Isle of Man Airmails and Aircraft

Part 6 Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

A600.    PC-size photo of Blackpool & West Coast Air Services aircraft G-ADCR with inset picture of Capr O E Armstrong. ?2.50

A601.    PC-size photo of Blackpool & West Coast Air Services aircraft G-ADVK with inset picture of Capt O E Armstrong. ?2.50

A602.    PC-size sepia photo of Blackpool & West Coast Air Services  aircraft G-ADCP and with inset picture of Captain Greenhalgh.  ?2.50

A603-605  Concorde First Flights, special covers, with appropriate backstamps.

A603.  London-Washington, Douglas cds 22.5.76.  ?5.00

A604.  London-Singapore, Douglas cds 8.12.77.  ?5.00

A605.  London-Toronto, IOM cds 28.8.80.  ?5.00

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A606.  Internal Airmail 1976 (Ronaldsway-Jurby): special label on gold paper.  ?1.50

A607.  Cambrian Airways  Viscount G-AMOG at Ronaldsway: NPO PC M1219.  ?1.50

A608.  British Air Services/Cambrian  Viscount G-AMOO at Ronaldsway: Bamforth PC 33.  ?1.50

A609-616  Dan-Air Services First Flight covers: printed with flight details, posted on arrival.

A609.  Tees-side-IoM  18.5.75.  ?3.00

A610.  IoM-Tees-side  18.5.75.  ?3.00

A611.  Aberdeen-IoM  24.5.75.  ?3.00

A612.  Gatwick-IoM  24.5.75.  ?3.00

A613.  IoM-Gatwick  24.5.75.  ?3.00

A614.  Birmingham-IoM  21.5.77.  ?3.00

A615.  IoM-Birmingham  21.5.77.  ?3.00

A616.  East Midlands-IoM  21.5.77.  ?3.00

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