Isle of Man Holiday Camps and Hotels on Postcard

Part 15   Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

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Cunningham Holiday Camp

A1500.    COLLISTER NO 3  'Douglas Head from the Cunningham Camp'  Collister photo PC No 3 for sale at the Camp postally used Douglas 1920.   6.00

A1501.    COLLISTER NO 8   Entrance Fernery  Collister photo PC No 8 for sale at the Camp postally unused.   6.00

A1502.    COLLISTER NO 73  'Onchan Head and Port Jack' as seen from the Camp.  Collister photo PC for sale at the Camp postally used Douglas 1936.

Note corner crease at lower left.   3.00


A1503.    Humorous PC by Valentine specifically for sale at Cunningham Camp.  

Note 'HOLIDAY CAMP I.O.M.' on front, and on reverse Camp logo and 'Published for Mr Cunningham'.  Postally used Douglas 1909.  7.50

A1504.    Groudle Glen Hotel  postally used Douglas 1912.  2.50

A1505.    Lorne House Castletown (former Government House) Arrow PC postally used CASTLETOWN 1953.  2.50

  A1506.    PC-size photograph of fancy dress entrants at Balqueen Hydro Port St Mary.  2.50

A1507.    Rushen Abbey Hotel  Postcard postally used Douglas 1935.  2.50

A1508.    'View from Taylor's Pandora' Central Promenade Douglas. 2.50

A1509.    Watterson's Grand View  Loch Promenade, Douglas, postally used Douglas 1913.  3.50

A1510.    Perwick Hotel  Port St Mary,  Valentine PC.  2.50

A1511.    Tholt-e-Will Hotel Postcard postally used Douglas 1972.  1.00

A1512.    Casino and Palace Hotel.  1.00

A1513.    Majestic Hotel (since demolished) Bamforth PC.  1.00

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