Isle of Man: Internment Mail

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WORLD WAR I Internment Items

A1300.  ALIENS' DETENTION CAMP/CENSORED/DOUGLAS, I.O.M. on Prisoners of War cover  (without flap) posted Douglas 30.10.15.  35.00

A1301.  'Stamp' produced in Knockaloe Camp - this is a facsimile, excellent for illustrating a display.  5.00

  A1303.  CHRISTMAS 1915: Postcard produced in Knockaloe Camp, design by Stolz. 50.00


A1304.  CHRISTMAS 1916/NEW YEAR 1917: Postcard produced in Knockaloe Camp, design by Gensel.  Addressed to Scotland with weak strike of the Knockaloe CENSORED mark Whitney 646.  50.00

A1305.  REGULATION LETTER Knockaloe Aliens' Camp official notepaper, letter dated 29.10.15 written in German. 20.00

A1306.  INWARDS COVER to internee in Knockaloe from his wife in Buckinghamshire, the stamp removed by censor and with strike of Knockaloe CENSORED mark. Note that the 'O' of KNOCKALOE is missing. 20.00 

WORLD WAR II Internment Items


A1315.   Entire letter from internee Palace Internment Camp with cachet 1.5.1941.  35.00

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