Isle of Man Postal History

Part 2 of Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

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AX Numbers:  19th Century Postal History

AX101.   ISLE OF MAN mark Whitneyon part of entire letter 1795. Addressed to Anthony Todd at the GPO London.

Nice early item with scarce marking.  150.00

AX102.   ISLE OF MAN straight-line mark Whitney 12 on front of entire letter 1827. Addressed to Francis Freeling at the GPO London.  100.00


AX103.   CASTLETOWN and ISLE OF MAN marks on opened-out envelope 1843, the stamp cancelled by Maltese Cross. 25.00   

AX104.   RAMSEY boxed mark and ISLE OF MAN mark on local e.l. 1844, the stamp cancelled by numeral 407.  40.00

AX105.   ISLE OF MAN mark on e.l. 1842 addressed to Kirk Andreas, the stamp cancelled by Douglas Maltese Cross25.00


AX106.  CASTLETOWN CIRCULAR MARK Whitney 407 on entire letter 1846.  35.00

AX107.  RAMSEY/I.M.  Whitney 337 on part e.l. 1851.  15.00


AX108.   DOUGLAS 407 Duplex 3.3.1876 on item addressed to The Venerable Archdeacon Moore at Andreas Rectory, with RAMSEY backsrtamp as shown.  15.00


AX109.   CASTLETOWN and DOUGLAS cds 1853 on local e.l., the 1d red imperf cancelled numeral 407.  40.00 


AX110.   DIRECT BAG Mail:  Cover posted PORT ST MARY 13.4.1892, stamp cancelled LIVERPOOL 14.4.1892 & with SHEFFIELD cds same date.  25.00 

AX111.  RAMSEY 036 Duplex Whitney 343 on postal stationery PC code J 7.8.1896.  The writer has 'been trying to find any postal curiosity for you but have not succeeded'.  Nice strike of this Duplex.  15.00 

AX112 AX112 detail

AX112.  TELEGRAM TO HALL CAINE  14.10.1899 with nice strike of Crosby cds.  6.00.

A Numbers:  20th Century Postal History

A200.   BALLABEG cds  (twice)18.10.78 on cover. 3.00

A201.   BALLASALLA/DOUGLAS  cds code A 12.6.30 on pleasing PC of boating on Silverdale lake.  7.50

A202.   BALLAUGH cds on cover 21.7.08 (as delivery cds) and 21.7.08 (when PC forwarded). 3.50   

A203.   COLBY S.O. cds  on PC 13.7.06.  3.50

A204.    CROSBY cds on PC 29.9.04  3.00

A205.   FOXDALE cds  25.9.08 on PC.  4.50

A206.   KIRK ANDREAS cds  16.8.22 on PC. Very scarce.  7.50


A207.   KNOCKALOE CAMP cds on PC from temporary Military Camp, scarce, 6.8.08. PC shows Glen Maye, the nearest village to the Camp. 75.00

A208.   LAXEY  cds  2.8.27 3.50

A209.    PEEL D51 Duplex code A  27.8.10 on PC of Peel Harbour..  3.50

A210.    RAMSEY 036 Duplex cancel code R 13.7.04.  3.50

A211.    SULBY cds  9.6.09 on PC.  3.50

A212.    BALLABEG  registered cover with both cds in use in 1974 & with BALLABEG label.  4.50

A213.    CROSBY - nice strike of cds 14.3.1979 on special cover for Princess Anne visit.  3.50

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