Isle of Man Postal History

Part 2 of Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

A200.   BALLABEG cds  (twice)18.10.78 on cover. 3.00

A201.   BALLASALLA/DOUGLAS  cds code A 12.6.30 on pleasing PC of boating on Silverdale lake.  7.50

A202.   BALLAUGH cds on cover 21.7.08 (as delivery cds) and 21.7.08 (when PC forwarded). 3.50   

A203.   COLBY S.O. cds  on PC 13.7.06.  3.50

A204.    CROSBY cds on PC 29.9.04  3.00

A205.   FOXDALE cds  25.9.08 on PC.  4.50

A206.   KIRK ANDREAS cds  16.8.22 on PC. Very scarce.  7.50


A207.   KNOCKALOE CAMP cds on PC from temporary Military Camp, scarce, 6.8.08. PC shows Glen Maye, the nearest village to the Camp. 75.00

A208.   LAXEY  cds  2.8.27 3.50

A209.    PEEL D51 Duplex code A  27.8.10 on PC of Peel Harbour..  3.50

A210.    RAMSEY 036 Duplex cancel code R 13.7.04.  3.50

A211.    SULBY cds  9.6.09 on PC.  3.50

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