The items listed on these pages are for immediate sale and are only being offered through this website. Orders may be submitted by mail on the Order Form available on the website (or on photocopies of it) accompanied by payment. Particularly if you are ordering from overseas it may be worthwhile e-mailing us first to request that the items which you would like are reserved awaiting your payment.

We hope to add items from time to time, so it may be worth checking this listing every four or five months.

Prices are in sterling (GBP). Payment may be by cheque drawn on UK/CI/IOM Bank or by cash - if you send cash use registered mail. For added security when sending a sterling cheque, write between the crossing lines 'Lloyds TSB Bank Plc Sherwood'. Non-sterling cash is acceptable: we will credit you with the amount of sterling with which our bank credits us. We accept Euros and credit you with the value of  Euronotes applicable on the day received,  without deducting commission.  You may also pay by PayPal (but there is a service charge if you use PayPal).

Postage is extra as detailed for unsold lots at the head of the Order Form.

Our postal address:

Isle of Man Sales Limited, Beech House, 19B Arlington Drive, Nottingham, NG3 5EN, United Kingdom.

Our fax number: 0115 9105 925 [International: +44 115 9105 925].

E-Mail iomsales@manxlines.co.uk


The listing is in 13 Pages with Parts as listed below. The hyperlink is blue. 

At the end of each Page a link is provided the next Part.

Parts 1  Postal History pre-1900

Part 2    Postal History after 1900

Part 3    Tramways & Snaefell Cachets

Part 5    Railways & Road Services

Part 6    Airmails & Aircraft

Part 7    Shipping

Part 9    Registration

Part 10    Slogans & Machines

Part 11    Special Handstamps

Part 12    Instructional & Charge Marks

Part 13    Internment Mail

Part 14     Postcards

Part 15    Holiday Camps Hotels & Boarding Houses

Part 16    First Day Covers

Part 17    Calf of Man

Part 18    Postage Stamps

Part 19    Revenue Stamps

Part 20    Literature

Part 21    Motor Cycle Races

Reminder: To access the desired Part, click on the blue link above.

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