Isle of Man Post Offices (on Postcard or Photo)

Part 1 Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

A100.    Ballafesson Post Office 1910: Mannin PC 2/1983.    2.00

A101.    Crosby Post Office 1906: Mannin PC 3/1983.   2.00

A102.    Union Mills Post Office 1924: Mannin PC 4/1983.   2.00

        Detail of A104

A104.    Queens Pier Ramsey Post Office - detail shows (not very legible) sign for Postal & Telegraph Office.  5.00

    Detail of A105

A105.    Ballasalla Post Office pictured c1979. (Photograph, not PC).  3.00

A106.    Villa Marina  Post Office (photograph Sept 1985).  3.00

    Detail of A107

A107.    Villa Marina  Post Office (photograph c1979) - detail shows the Posting Box and Stamp Vending Machine.  3.00

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