Isle of Man Stamps for Collectors   

Part 18   Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd


A1800.  IoM Regionals: all 14 values unmounted mint on album leaf. Includes 3d chalky paper.  4.00  

A1801.  3p Definitive of 1973:  COLOUR ERROR:  olive bistre border. Listed SG17a cat 160.00. SG states 'resembles p' therefore this item includes a p for comparison plus a normal 3p. 35.00


A1802.  FLAW: Goldie 5p value of 1975:  block of nine, row 2/2 having flaw 'Fire in Loft'.  3.00


As shown.  The Coronation 25p issue Booklet produced by Cancer Research includes BLACK PRINT of the 25p commem. value. Scarce group. 5.50

A1804.  SOUVENIR PACK produced  for Royal Visit 1979 with gutter pairs of the 7p &13p set, with CANCER RESEARCH print on selvedge.  Scarce item.   3.00

A1805.  1979 MILLENNIUM 40p Booklet with ERROR: WRONG PANE  (SG150ab instead of SG 150a) - see note in SG - together with normal for comparison. 4.00

A1806.  1982 Postage Due set of eight values to 2.00, mint. 2.50

A1807.  1992 Postage Due 5.00 value, SG D25 mint. 2.00

  A1808.  1992 Postage Due 5.00 value, SG D25 corner cylinder block of six mint. 12.00

A1809.  1997 Golf Miniature Sheet  Publicity print with no value.  1.50


A1810.  2001 Europa 26p value Printing Error SG948a: panel in pale lilac (row 2/1). Corner block of four.  5.00

A1811.  1994 Butterflies set: cachets on bottom margin for copies sold at PHILAKOREA 1994 and SINGPEX '94. See note in SG after SG577.  Two sets. 5.00 


A1812.  1996 DOGS issue, miniature sheet with ERROR - 'AT WORK' OMITTED. Scarce. See note after SG MS725a. With normal for comparison.  35.00 

A1813.  2004 D-Day 23p & 47p values SG 1131a & 1135a, pair of reprints (plus original prints for comparison), the reprints dated 2014 and with imprint of different printer, both reprints being a darker colour than the original prints.  6.00 

   A1814.  2015  Bryan Kneale set SG2043-52 with ERROR 'Queen's Head omitted from one value' (SG 2047 Horse).  With normal set for comparison.  15.00 

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