Calf of Man Stamps and Covers

Part 17   Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

'CALF OF MAN STAMPS' by J Naayer   3.50

This work lists all 330 stamps issued for the Calf of Man Seamail Service 1962-73, including British Postal Strike overprints.

'Essential for every collector of Calf of Man stamps' and available now from Isle of Man Sales Ltd.

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A1700.  Six-sided leaflet issued in 1963 with full information on the Calf of Man and its stamps & on the Isle of Man.  5.00

Calf of Man Stamps unmounted mint

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  A1701.    Arms First Definitives 5m & 6m, superb marginal copies with the marginal imprint 'Printed in Douglas, Isle of Man'. Very scarce.  15.00

A1702.  Birds First Definitive set of six: the first definitive issue in gutter pairs - the 1m value was printed on the same sheet as the 6m value, therefore gutter pairs exist; likewise 3m + 9m and 5m + 12m, so the set is in three pairs. Scarce thus.  7.50

A1702A.  Birds Second Definitive set of six: the second definitive set in the scarce gutter pairs 1m+6m, 3m+9m & 5m+12m.  7.50

A1703.  Bird first set 12m value: printer's proof of the centre vignette. 2.50

A1704.   Bird second set 1m, 3m and 6m: printer's proofs of the centre vignettes. 5.00

A1705.   Europa 1962, progressive proof of the 12m value, showing the blue background and trunk of tree (therefore no value or 'CALF OF MAN').  5.00

A1706.  Europa 1964, the set of four.  3.00

A1707.  Kennedy issue of 22.6.66: miniature sheet with the 'four heads' overprint inverted5.00

A1708.  Kennedy issue of 26.7.66: miniature sheet with the 'large head' overprint inverted5.00

A1709.  TT RACES DIAMOND JUBILEE 1967: 4m, 6m, 8, 96m miniature sheet. 7.50

  A1710.  MANX GRAND PRIX RACES 1970: set of two values 10m & 90m imperforate.  4.00

A1711.  SHIPS: set of six showing Steam Packet Co vessels, o/p EUROPA 1971. 4.00

  A1712.  EUROPEAN BIRDS (without names) o/p EUROPA 1973:  10m & 45m perforate pair. 2.50


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A1713.  'BRITISH POSTAL STRIKE 1971' o/p on 24m+48m Paintings pair.  4.00

A1714.  'BRITISH POSTAL STRIKE 1971' o/p on 24m+48m 'Europa 1969' Paintings pair.  4.00

A1715.  'BRITISH POSTAL STRIKE 1971' o/p on half sheet of Churchill 'red' values (Half murray, 1m & 2m values - 30 stamps).  4.00

A1716.  OLYMPIC GAMES 1968 Part sheet: 10 x Half murray, 10 x 1m, 5 x 2m values. 4.00

Calf of Man First Day Covers


A1717.    Europa 1962 'Tree' set of four on 'Calf of Man map' cover, postally used PORT ST MARY 10.10.62.    4.00


A1718.    Europa 1973 High Values 120m+240m: ERROR:  pair with '1973' omitted from 120m value on 'Calf of Man map' cover postally used Douglas 15.3.73.   10.00

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