Isle of Man Railways and Road Services

Part 5   Weboffers from Isle of Man Sales Ltd

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  A501. Tickets of MANX NORTHERN RAILWAY (absorbed into IoM Railway in 1905) - ten different tickets, displayed on glassine sheet. 5.00

A502.  CENTENARY OF FIRST MAIL BY MANX NORTHERN LINE: Special handstamp 8.8.1981 on airletter.  1.50

A503.    IOM RAILWAY SOUTHERN LINE CENTENARY: Special handstamp 1.8.1974 on cover which has IoM Railway Co strikes of stations on the line.  2.50

A504.  IOM RAILWAY CENTENARY:  Special handstamp on Official cover 1.7.73.  2.50

A505.    'ISLE OF MAN STEAM RAILWAY'  Official Guide 1991: 36pp packed with interesting historic photographs and information.  3.00

A506.     Five Postcards with IMR trains/locos: early 1970s.  5.00

A508-512  IOM RAILWAY CO 'Carted Luggage' labels

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A508.    Ballasalla: Douglas Station for HEYSHAM STEAMER 3d.  3.00

A509.    Ramsey: Douglas Station for FLEETWOOD STEAMER  8d.  3.00

A510.    Peel: Peel Station for ARDROSSAN STEAMER  3d.  3.00

A511.    Port St Mary: Douglas Station for LIVERPOOL STEAMER  3d.   3.00

A512.    Douglas: Douglas Station for LIVERPOOL STEAMER  8d.  3.00

A513.    Isle of Man Railway: Collection of 46 early tickets on display sheets, no duplication, various colours and routes.  12.00

Road Services

A514.    Douglas Corporation Transport: nine various tickets, values between 2d-8d.  3.00

A517.  IOM Road Services Tickets, 11 various between 6d-2/5d; includes Break of Journey Voucher and Exchange Ticket Pack (20 vouchers).  4.00

A518.  IOM Railway and Road Services 8-page booklet produced in 1959. Details excursions such as Glen Wyllin trip with lunch 8/-. 3.50

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